Grateful but scared - Working at a grocery store during COVID-19

About a week before businesses started shutting down due to COVID-19, I started my new job as a cashier at the local grocery store. Since grocery stores are considered an "essential service" I have continued to work my regular hours during this whole pandemic. I'm grateful to have this source of income, especially since all of my live performance income has disappeared and Marie-Elena has been temporarily laid-off from both of her jobs. At the same time I'm scared every day I work and I have anxiety dreams about the virus at night. Even when returning home from work, after stripping my clothes at the door, showering and disinfecting the door knobs, I still worry that I may be an asymptomatic carrier that could pass along the virus to Marie and to her elderly Aunt and Uncle who live on the same property. On paper, it looks like a big risk for little reward, as I'm being paid minimum wage with no benefits. Some people have suggested that I quit my job during this time. What do you think? Is the public service to my community worth the risks and discomfort?

Hope you're taking care of yourself.