Brad’s Dream | June 14, 2016

alligator-vs-python1My friend and I were biking down Washington Street in Papillion, coming home from the city pool. He suddenly realized that he had forgotten his two babies at the pool and we turned around. Part of the way there he asked me if I could go get them, so he could run home and shower. He was meeting his girlfriend later and wanted to clean up for her. I asked him how I was supposed to carry two babies on my bicycle. He said that one could be slung around my chest and the other strapped to the rack on the back of my bike. I was not comfortable with his plan so I went to his mother’s house to ask her for help. She offered to go get them in her mini-coop. She returned with the babies but stopped her car just short of the driveway and got out. She then let one of her babies climb into the driver seat to pull the mini-coop into the garage. The baby drove the car into the driver-side of a parked camper-van, crumpling up the front fender. I helped bring the babies inside, but when we entered, there was a snake on the steps that we had to step around. She told me she thought it was a harmless garter snake, but to me it looked much more dangerous. It was bright green with a black diamond pattern on its back and a wide head. She started fixing me a meal in the kitchen and I climbed up a small spiral staircase. The upstairs was a narrow bridge that looked like a theater’s lighting catwalk. On each side of the bridge there were giant alligators and snakes writhing underneath pieces of burlap. Then a snake unhinged it’s jaw and swallowed one of the babies…

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