Chart Challenge Day 3: Share with friends

Today, give the people in your world the gift of this record (by now, I’m assuming you’ve binge-listened and totally get why I’m so excited about it, right?). They’ll think you’re cool, and they’ll get to experience all the emotions. 

So here’s all you have to do. You can write your own post and send people to the link or swipe some of these pre-written ditties to make it even easier to post on Facebook or IG. I’ve even attached the album cover you can download to upload to your IG. (Feel free to tag me and I’ll share with my audience too! I’m @bradhoshawmusic .) 


Pre-Written Messages: 

Here’s some new music that you simply MUST own. Get it in your library by purchasing it on your favorite site (I recommend iTunes, Amazon or Bandcamp because it helps this lovely person get to the charts!) 

[MORE DETAILED MESSAGE. EXAMPLE:] This eclectic album is a James Taylor-meets-Pet Shop Boys-meets-Jeff Buckley-meets-Gregg Allman type thing. It’s like a soundtrack for a beautifully diverse life. I’m really hoping Brad (a completely DIY indie artist) can get his due recognition for this and we can actually help him by purchasing the record. Here’s the link - will you take a listen and buy this today? 

Good luck! 

~ Brad