Chart Challenge Day 5: Write a review

Today is a fun one. You get to write nice things and give 5-star reviews on all the sites where you purchased! (This matters because it will help other people feel good about their decision to buy the record also. As the record climbs the charts, more new eyes will be on it.) 

Link to write a review on iTunes: Note: Easiest on a desktop computer. This link takes you to APPLE music, you need to scroll down and click the iTunes store button. If you’re on mobile you’ll need to download the “iTunes Store” app and search for LIVING ON A SLIVER. 

Link to write a review on Amazon: 

If you don’t know what to write, that’s okay. From the heart is best, but here are some quick ideas to say: “I like this record.” “A must-buy”. And of course, as many stars as you feel comfortable giving. 


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