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BSE "Truth and Lies" Release Party | Reverb Lounge - Dec 12

The Benson Songwriter Exchange (BSE) is celebrating the release of their second compilation "Truth and Lies". The concert will feature performances from Brad Hoshaw, Michael Campbell, Tica Perri, Joe Watson, Doug Kuony, Jon Miller, Tyler Harman, Robert Matter, Mark Haugen…

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Brad Hoshaw at Slowdown | Sept 28

A new show has been added to my calendar. I'm honored to be joining Tragic Jack and Soul Ghost on September 28th at the Slowdown. Tragic Jack is an original Rock/Pop band from Lincoln that delivers their songs with conviction…

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Brad Hoshaw at Bourbon Saloon | June 16

This will be my first performing time at the Bourbon Saloon (formerly Whiskey Tango). I'm excited to be joining my good friend Matt Cox on this show as well as talented performers Frank Ray and Alexis Arai.  Hope you can…

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2018 House Concert Tour - Looking for Hosts

Ok folks, It's time to start putting together my 2018 Summer House Concert Tour. Would you like to host a show on this tour?

There's no cost to you for hosting. The basic requirements are:

  • a place to…
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Charlie Parr with Brad Hoshaw | May 8th at Reverb Lounge

I'm so excited to share the stage with Charlie Parr once again. Charlie Parr is an Americana / Blues musician from Duluth, Minnesota. He plays a Mule resonator, National resonator guitar, a fretless open-back banjo, and a 12-string guitar, often…

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2017 Summer House Tour Promo Video

This summer I'll be performing in living rooms and backyards around the Midwest. I'd love to meet you and share some songs with you.

Overland Park, KS St Paul, MN Des Moines, IA Sioux Falls, SD Minneapolis, MN …Read more

Summer House Concert Tour - Searching for Hosts

I'm trying this crazy idea; but it's only going to work with your help. I'd like to spend a few weeks on the road this Summer doing a house concert tour. I'm posting this to feel-out how many people would…

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Half-off Everything Online - Friday, Nov 25th

Happy Thanksgiving! 

For me this holiday is about being grateful for what I have. My day usually includes spending time with loved ones and enjoying every sight, smell, taste and sound that surrounds me. This year I'll be…

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