House Concert *Open to public

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David's House Concert Series, 13609 S 46th St, Bellevue, Nebraska 68133

Jodi and David are hosting local and traveling musicians in their comfy living room for an intimate house concert series.

The Story of David's House Concert Series When Carrie Ann moved to Bellevue from Texas over five years ago, she and David were both grieving. Carrie Ann had lost her Houston-based music community that she had been a beloved part of for more than a decade and David had lost the ability to play music. And as different as the two of them are, they both share a deeply rooted love of music and the inherent need to express themselves through it whenever they are happy, or sad, or mad, or lonely, or frustrated, or... One day, Carrie Ann was sitting in our new living room, devoid of everything except a couch and chair and a couple tables, and David asked her to play his guitar (hanging on the wall in the accompanying picture). She picked it up, tuned it up, and started in on "Jolene" by Dolly Parton. If you've ever heard Carrie Ann perform "Jolene" you know exactly what David and I were feeling that day. It's haunting and heartbreaking and we felt like we were listening to her in our own personal concert hall. That's the day that our David's House Concert Series was born. Music like the kind that Carrie Ann performs is not something that I have the ability to give. Music like the kind that Carrie Ann creates is a gift to anyone lucky enough to hear her perform. Music like the kind that Carrie Ann gives to David fills a void in his life that nothing else can. David's House Concert Series began because Carrie Ann was determined to find a way to give David back something he had lost. It continues because Carrie Ann works hard to bring in musicians and listeners that are willing to take a chance on live music in a stranger's living room. I will be forever grateful that despite all of our combined heartbreak and the loss of what we envisioned our lives would be, what began as a simple request to hear a song on his guitar grew to be an amazing ongoing live music experience born of the mutual love of music and the longing for connection and community. If you've never been here for a concert, we would love for you to join us and if you've been here before, we'd love to have you back. Just make sure you don't eat before you come... Love always, Jodi Masters Carrie Ann's Sister and David's Wife