20th Anniversary of Brad Hoshaw's debut 'Invisible Man' available on cassette October 13, 2018

To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Brad Hoshaw's debut album "Invisible Man", he will be re-releasing it on cassette for Cassette Store Day 2018. This special release is limited to 50 copies and will not be reprinted. Contact your favorite Independent music store and ask them to order Brad Hoshaw's "Invisible Man" for their Cassette Store Day celebration.

Invisible Man will be available at these Omaha stores on October 13th

Homer's Music | 1210 Howard St

Recycled Sounds | 322 N 76th St

Almost Music | 3925 Farnam St

Invisible Man showcases Brad's early desire to be authentic and accessible. Unafraid to delve into uncertain emotions, he composes songs to better understand himself and to express his personal belief structure of kindness and compassion. Invisible Man starts out with a recording of 6 year old Brad singing along to the Chipmunk's song "It's a Jungle Out There" before breaking up into a giggle of shyness. The innocence of 6 year old Brad is a jarring contrast to the first song "Father" which is a deeply vulnerable pleading to his own father to come back home, after leaving the family a few years prior. The second song "Can't Let Go" is about Brad's observations of a friend who lost her brother in a car accident and her refusal to mourn. The last song on side-A titled "Riverflow" is the first song Brad ever wrote. The lyrics were taken from a poem written by his brother Lloyd Hoshaw, now an English teacher at Millard West High school. "Riverflow" was also the very first original song that Brad performed in public at the Ranch Bowl in 1997 with his first band Living Stone. Side B starts with "Hold on to Something" a love song which addresses his desire to have someone stable in his life to give him focal point in a world that seems to be spinning too fast. The next song "Carnal Christian" was written about a sermon that Brad heard about those that call themselves Christians yet still live to satisfy their own fleshly desires instead of the God they claim to serve. And finally the album closes with "Still A Little Sore" a beautiful and melodic song of his depression and long journey to healing after heartbreak.

This album was recorded in a church basement in Brad's hometown of Papiilion, Nebraska, in the Summer of 1998. Engineered by his friend and former Living Stone bandmate James Tyler, they recorded 6 songs to a Tascam 488 8-Track Cassette Recorder. They then manually dubbed 20 cassettes to sell at Brad's upcoming performance at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. To Brad's surprise, all 20 copies sold at that show. Over the following year more cassettes were made available, but Brad estimates that less than 100 copies were ever manufactured. It has been out of print since 1999. The cover art, designed by Jeff Bailey, features a modified version of Salvador Dali's painting "Girl at the Window".

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