2022 predictions vs. reality

Last year I made some predictions about my 2022 and promised to revisit them at the end of the year to see what came to fruition and what fell by the wayside.

Here are my 2022 self-predictions followed by my 2022 reality.

2022 Prediction: I will be more visible and accessible through monthly livestreams, monthly email newsletters and bi-weekly blog posts.

2022 Reality: I started posting more blog type videos to TikTok and Instagram. I hosted a live Zoom concert for my mailing list and hopped on Facebook live occasionally.

2022 Prediction: I will start a local songwriting club to support and encourage others.

2022 Reality: I joined the NSAI-Sacramento chapter and we meet monthly to share songs and support each other.

2022 Prediction: I will assemble a band to perform on the West Coast. 

2022 Reality: I'm still flying solo.

2022 Prediction: I will embark on a 3-week solo tour to promote Living On A Sliver, including a Seven Deadlies reunion set in Omaha. 

2022 Reality: The Seven Deadlies reunited for one night at the Benson Theatre in Omaha, but there was no tour.

2022 Prediction: I will write several custom songs for fans to give to their loved ones.

2022 Reality: I wrote two custom songs for a grandmother to give to her grandchildren.

2022 Prediction: I will post regular updates and cute photos of my new puppy, Leo. 

2022 Reality: I left this job up to my partner Marie-Elena. You can check out her instagram here.

2022 Prediction: I will release a Holiday EP near the end of the year. 

2022 Reality: Bah humbug!

2022 Prediction: I will continue building relationships on the West Coast through co-writing sessions and live performances. 

2022 Reality: I have significantly grown my community on the west coast through attending songwriting retreats, joining NSAI and through many live performances.

2022 Prediction: I will take many nature walks. 

2022 Reality: I visited Yosemite National Park for the first time and sat on the banks of the Mokelumne River nearly every weekend.

2022 Prediction: I will continue discovering new music and adding my favorite songs to the Spotify playlist "What I'm Listening To" 

2022 Reality: I changed the name of this playlist to "Brad Hoshaw APPROVED" but, I still love discovering new music and sharing it with others.