Brad’s Dream | June 10, 2016

1936_Ford_Model_68_730_De_Luxe_Fordor_Touring_Sedan_dkTouring an outdoor brewery in Papillion I marveled at how clean they kept the floors. I watched the workers squeegee any spilled beer into the floor drains. Night fell and I heard of a murder in the park next to Tara Heights Elementary. When I arrived at the scene they had already covered the victim with a sheet. Inside an old Dick Tracy era car I could see a woman’s hand sticking out from the sheet and resting against the window. I became really worried that I might know the woman and could not bring myself to look under the sheet. Then I walked over to a parking lot where the rain pooled in the uneven parts of the black top. I began to squeegee the water toward the rain gutters when I noticed bright headlights speeding up the road toward me. As they came nearer I could see the cars had eyes like Disney characters. I dodged them and hopped into a car to get away. But suddenly I realized I had lost my sight, so I stomped on the breaks and hydroplaned into the side of a bank. I ran into the building next door where I discovered a group of Buddhist Refugees from India hiding in a secret room. I asked Erika Jean Schweikert to go over to the bank and make us grilled cheese sandwiches. One Buddhist asked if I had enough bread to make each person two grilled cheese sandwiches, but I counted the slices and there were only seven. I decided to let the Buddhists each have two slices of bread for their sandwiches and I would just have one. Then I hid under a table as the Buddhists began to meditate. They were all standing on one foot. I fell into the rhythm of their chant but was periodically jarred by a woman’s heel bumping me in the forehead…

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