Brad’s Dream | June 12, 2016

juggaloI was traveling with another person in a 1980s Ford Econoline van that had a bedroom, living room, kitchen and basement. We were hanging out and chatting on couches in the back, when I realized we were moving, yet no one was driving. I ran up to the front and saw the van self-driving down a gravel road. It seemed to be driving fine, but I decided to get out and walk anyway. I walked down the gravel road, which turned into mountains covered in waist-deep snow and then a muddy river. While wading down the river my legs became stuck in the mud and I began sinking. I nearly drown but the van reappeared and I got in. We then pulled up to a gas station and I positioned the van pointing towards the main entrance and turned on our security dash-cam. I saw a man and woman rob the station and run out to their car. They noticed me video taping them and began chasing me on-foot, through a suburban neighborhood. I hid within a crowd of people attending a Juggalo festival. I began to notice the painted Juggalo faces becoming more disturbing with sharp teeth and dark eyes. I fled back to the suburban streets where the robbers continued chasing me. I began to float/fly over houses and between treetops, but was still not able to escape them. They followed me back to my house and trapped me in the kitchen. I continued to fly/float around the kitchen trying to keep my distance. I grabbed a knife and stabbed the woman in the throat several times which allowed me enough time to escape. Then I found myself in a fancy hotel room. I felt guilty for killing the woman and was scared that I was going to be arrested for murder. The phone kept ringing. My brother instructed me to answer the phone but say nothing. On the phone was a reporter asking me to comment on a series of sculptures. All of sudden I’m looking at 4 giant coffee mug sculptures displayed 100 feet in the air on giant columns. Each coffee mug has a painting of a current political person on it. I told them I was not impressed. They showed me how they designed the mugs for people to drink from the side of the mug instead of from the top. I tried to explained how the mugs could not hold liquid with a hole in the side. Back in the hotel room my brother told me a fan had come to the door asking for an autograph. When they let the fan inside it was the same man who had been chasing me earlier. I realized that he was the father of the woman I killed and he had come to avenge his daughter. He walked up to me and pulled a cord under his jacket. His suicide bomb didn’t go off. We taunted him and told him to go home. Then I saw a vision of the man later that night, lying in bed with two women. They were kissing him on his neck, until one of them bit. The two women turned into grotesque vampires and ripped out his throat. There was a lot of blood…

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