Brad’s Dream | June 21, 2016

bebop-concept-art-1280jpg-4cf7c0_1280wI entered a department store and began talking with the owner about her success. She told me that she bought the business for 7 million dollars and has since made a profit. I was then escorted by a man in a suit to a separate building where people were auditioning people for department store models. First I was taken to a room full of women moving robotically through synchronized modeling poses. The women’s instructor told me that in a different room there was an audition for male models and that whether I get the job or not I would receive a free glass of wine at the end of the audition. The man in the suit then led me to a trap door in the floor where the men’s audition was being held. He warned me that it might be dangerous but if I died he would give me a nice glass of Scotch instead of wine before I was sent off to Hell. I climbed down a ladder into the trap door. It was a dirt floor basement and very dark. There were a few other men down there waiting to audition. The instructors arrived. They had grotesque warthog faces and were speaking aggressively… Somehow I escaped but then Marie and I were being chased by egg-shaped people dressed in rainbow striped clothes. They floated a couple of feet off the ground swaying back and forth as they moved. They were traveling in a single file line up a dirt road. Marie and I dressed up like them and sneaked into line. As soon as we rounded a curve and were out of sight we split off the road and ran for a creek. We jumped in the creek and went under water to avoid being seen. I was not able to get my head under the water and was afraid I would be seen. We floated to a giant tree house that Marie said was her childhood refuge. Inside their were ladders leading to different circular doors. One door was labeled “When you feel like you don’t like Brad”. She climbed the ladder and sat just inside the small door. Inside was a letter she had written to herself. As she read it, Tom Rudloff peeked out from another door and held up a torn scrap of paper that read “You killed it! Except for a couple of goals.” Marie and I began to cry and then while Marie was still facing away from me said “Will you marry me”. We then walked back to the department store and she began shopping for clothes. Marie said that the Brad from the door and the letter was not me and that when she said “Will you marry me” She was just reading the letter out-loud.

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