Brad’s Dream | June 8, 2016

ac4-piratesI was on a wooden cruise ship that was overtaken by pirates. The pirates killed many passengers and placed keys around the necks of their victims. I was the captain of the cruise ship and met with the pirates to negotiate peace. I decided to surrender and they locked me up in a cell and started to sink the ship with me trapped in it. As I sat in the cell waiting to die I decided I wanted to change my decision from surrender to resist. I was suddenly at the counter of a brightly lit store talking with a video game salesman about buying more game credits. When I was given my receipt for the game credits I noticed that I did not get the discount I expected. The sales rep explained that my coupon was valid only in Wyoming. So then I was reset back at the negotiation with the pirates and this time I said we would not surrender and began running from the pirates but they chased us down, and locked everyone into the cruise ship’s ballroom. In an aerial view I saw a cannon ball fire from the pirate ship and break through our ship, sending wood splintering off into the ocean. From inside the ballroom we felt our ship sway to the right and then to the left. The passengers began to panic and I explained to them that we were hit by a cannon ball and we were sinking. Then someone remembered the keys around the dead people’s necks and suggested that those keys might unlock the ballroom doors and allow us to escape to the life boats…

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