Summer House Concert Tour - Searching for Hosts

I'm trying this crazy idea; but it's only going to work with your help. I'd like to spend a few weeks on the road this Summer doing a house concert tour. I'm posting this to feel-out how many people would be interested in hosting one of the concerts on this tour. There would be no up-front cost to you to host a show in your home. If enough people say they're interested, I'll put together the tour.  You can send me an email or find me on Facebook. Whatever works best for you. 

The two basic requirements are: 

  • A place to gather where everyone can sit and listen for an hour-long concert 
  • A minimum of 20 adults in attendance (friends, family, co-workers - whomever you choose to invite) 

Please contact me no later than Sunday, May 21st if you'd like more information. 

Curious what the house concerts sound like? Well, here's a video of me performing at a house concert in 2011.

I'm so excited to hear from you! 

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