Meet Leo

Meet Leo Benson Schembri-Hoshaw! He is 4.5 month old Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Two weeks ago we brought him to his forever home from the Tuolumne County Humane Society.

He loves to cuddle and his personality is very sweet and loving. We're…

10 Self-predictions for 2022

Here are my predictions for the year ahead.

2022 Self-predictions

  1. I will be more visible and accessible through monthly livestreams, monthly email newsletters and bi-weekly blog posts.
  2. I will start a local songwriting club to support and encourage others.
  3. I…

Reflections: First month recap of Living On A Sliver

It's been one month since the release of my new album Living On A Sliver. It feels like a good time to take pause and reflect on what's happened so far to celebrate the first leg of this journey.

The story behind: You've Won

You’ve  Won is the third single from my new album. 

I wrote this song in a co-write session with  Brooks West and Jeremiah Nelson at a cabin in Wisconsin. For several years I went to that cabin on…

Chart Challenge Day 6: Our last chance

Today is the last day to finalize those purchases on all three sites.

To stream the album on repeat until midnight.

To share with your friends and leave reviews.

It all counts. 

Links for the 6-day…

Chart Challenge Day 5: Write a review

Today is a fun one. You get to write nice things and give 5-star reviews on all the sites where you purchased! (This matters because it will help other people feel good about their decision to buy the record also…

Chart Challenge Day 4: Buy on Amazon and iTunes

Today’s the day we buy Living On A Sliver on iTunes and Amazon. (I am SUPER grateful to everyone purchasing this on platforms they don’t even use and I acknowledge this is a VERY weird process, but necessary for an…

Chart Challenge Day 3: Share with friends

Today, give the people in your world the gift of this record (by now, I’m assuming you’ve binge-listened and totally get why I’m so excited about it, right?). They’ll think you’re cool, and they’ll get to experience all the emotions. 

Chart Challenge Day 1: Order on Bandcamp

I can’t tell you how excited I am that this record is available to the world! 

I truly hope you enjoy it. Living On a Sliver is a huge step forward in my continuing journey of self-growth through collaboration and…