Brad Hoshaw is an award-winning singer-songwriter with a haunting voice and a talent for crafting both pop gems and somber ballads. Believing in the power of music to heal, Brad values his authentic connection with his listeners above all and inspires fellow musicians through his community work.

He can sing me to sleep anytime!”

— Dolly Parton


— Black Francis (Pixies)



LP Creative Therapy Workshop Grand Finale

Last night at The Green Light was a blast, thanks to the LP Creative Therapy workshop with LeAnn Phelan.

After months of online music adventures, my classmates and I finally met in person for a fantastic Nashville-style performance. The vibes…

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A Casual Chat with Chris DuBois

I recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in an LP Creative Therapy workshop, and the highlight was getting to ask Chris DuBois, the renowned songwriter and music publisher (Sea Gayle Music) a burning question.

I asked him to paint…

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A Mentorship Moment with Benita Hill

Zoom calls may have become the norm, but when it's with someone like Benita Hill, nerves are inevitable. As a background singer for the Allman Brothers, an artist in her own right, and the genius behind Garth Brooks' hit "Two…

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