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Give the gift of a custom-written personalized song!

Looking for that perfect gift? Something personal and truly one-of-a-kind? Give the gift of a custom-written personalized song!

I will write and record a 2-4 minute song based on the inspiration & direction you or your loved one…

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Today Bandcamp is waiving fees

Today, Bandcamp is waiving their fees to support artists during the pandemic. Which means that 100% of the sales will go directly to the artists.

Check out my new EP "Four New Songs" on Bandcamp! These are studio recordings…

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Half-off Everything Online - Friday, Nov 25th

Happy Thanksgiving! 

For me this holiday is about being grateful for what I have. My day usually includes spending time with loved ones and enjoying every sight, smell, taste and sound that surrounds me. This year I'll be…

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