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Watch the replay of last night's livestream

Last night I did another livestream performance. This time I performed "Lonesome Fool" from my new album. You can watch the replay above.

If you want to know when I'll do this again, sign up for my mailing…

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The story behind: You've Won

You’ve  Won is the third single from my new album. 

I wrote this song in a co-write session with  Brooks West and Jeremiah Nelson at a cabin in Wisconsin. For several years I went to that cabin on…

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The story behind: My Dying Day

"My Dying Day", the second single from my upcoming album 'Living On a Sliver', was written after a lunch I had with a couple old friends from my hometown of Papillion, Nebraska. It's about the loyalty and pride of someone…

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The story behind: Spun Out & On The Run

"Spun Out and On the Run" is the first single from my upcoming album 'Living On a Sliver'. It’s about the playful self-destruction of young love and the avoidance of a more settled lifestyle. 

It’s also about my friend…

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