2022 Winter String Fling Retreat (Murphys, CA)

This past weekend I attended the Winter String Fling in Murphys, CA. It's an invitation only musician's retreat hosted by Darrel Louis on his twelve acre property. Darrel owns three vacation rental homes in close proximity, where the musicians stay and a central "Music Barn" where everyone gathers at night to share music. It was a great experience filled with over a dozen musicians from all over Northern California.

On my first day, after settling into my room, I set a goal to write a new song in the 30 minutes I had before the open-mic. I quickly came across a chord progression and two verses but had to shelve it until the next morning, so I could make it to the "Music Barn" on-time. When I revisited my new song the next day the final verse and overall structure came quickly. I was able to perform it at the second night's open mic with fellow camper, Rhan Wilson accompanying me on his nylon string guitar.

If you'd like to hear a rough recording of the song I wrote at this retreat, join my mailing list. I'll be sending out a link in the coming days. 

On Sunday afternoon I walked a couple block from my house to the Murphys Irish Pub to catch Grover Anderson perform with his band. His music had been highly recommended by a few mutual friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I think Grover and I will be sharing the stage in the near future.

I met so many wonderful people at the 2022 Winter String Fling. After a couple pandemic years of feeling disconnected from any musical community, this experience was exactly what I needed to feel connected again. I came away inspired to write and collaborate more.

Photos courtesy of Darrel Louis and Janet Romanowski