BSE "Truth and Lies" Release Party | Reverb Lounge - Dec 12

The Benson Songwriter Exchange (BSE) is celebrating the release of their second compilation "Truth and Lies". The concert will feature performances from Brad Hoshaw, Michael Campbell, Tica Perri, Joe Watson, Doug Kuony, Jon Miller, Tyler Harman, Robert Matter, Mark Haugen, Dave Berman, Kevin Doyle and more. You can listen to the new compilation at


Wednesday, December 12th

Reverb Lounge - 6121 Military Ave., Omaha, NE

$Donation | 18+ | 8pm 

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The BSE is a songwriter support and accountability community, focused on boosting morale, sharing scarce resources and pooling important information. The BSE meets fortnightly (every two weeks) and hosts occasional weekend retreats, live showcases, and workshops. To learn more about the BSE visit


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