A Casual Chat with Trent Willmon

I recently had the chance to throw a question at Trent Willmon during an LP Creative Therapy workshop, and boy, did it turn out to be a laid-back and insightful chat.

I asked him about what he looks for in an independent artist he wants to work with and, on the flip side, what artists should seek in a producer. His response was a gem.

According to Trent, it's not all about talent – work ethic is the secret sauce. He stressed the importance of an artist's likability and how they treat others, emphasizing that connecting with the audience is the real magic. And guess what? You can't always predict it. Sometimes you've got to see an artist live to feel that vibe.

On the producer front, Trent's advice is golden. He highlighted the need to choose someone who gets what you do. Take a look at their past work, find that sonic magic that clicks with your style. It's like hiring a band – let them do their thing, trust their creative process, and voila!

In a nutshell, my chat with Trent was eye-opening. It's not just about hitting the right notes; it's about hitting the hearts of your audience. So, when you're out there making music, find your vibe, connect with your audience, and trust your team. And, of course, don't be offended if they say your song needs a little work – it's all part of the journey.