10 Self-predictions for 2022

Here are my predictions for the year ahead.

2022 Self-predictions

  1. I will be more visible and accessible through monthly livestreams, monthly email newsletters and bi-weekly blog posts.
  2. I will start a local songwriting club to support and encourage others.
  3. I will assemble a band to perform on the West Coast.
  4. I will embark on a 3-week solo tour to promote Living On A Sliver, including a Seven Deadlies reunion set in Omaha.
  5. I will write several custom songs for fans to give to their loved ones.
  6. I will post regular updates and cute photos of my new puppy, Leo.
  7. I will release a Holiday EP near the end of the year.
  8. I will continue building relationships on the West Coast through co-writing sessions and live performances.
  9. I will take many nature walks.
  10. I will continue discovering new music and adding my favorite songs to the Spotify playlist "What I'm Listening To"

That was fun! Now it's time to turn these predictions into plans. I will revisit this list at the end of the year to see how many of these came to fruition and how many fell by the wayside.