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Neil Young Archives

Neil Young is one of my favorite recording artists. It started for me back in 2002, when I was living in Minneapolis. One of my favorite rituals, after any rainstorm, was to walk to the record store down the street…

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10 Self-predictions for 2022

Here are my predictions for the year ahead.

2022 Self-predictions

  1. I will be more visible and accessible through monthly livestreams, monthly email newsletters and bi-weekly blog posts.
  2. I will start a local songwriting club to support and encourage others.
  3. I…
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The 30 jobs of an independent musician

Ideally, as a performing singer-songwriter, the majority of my time and effort should be focused on (1) writing the best songs possible, (2) continuing to develop my musical abilities, (3) leading productive rehearsals with my band and (4) giving memorable…

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Half-off Everything Online - Friday, Nov 25th

Happy Thanksgiving! 

For me this holiday is about being grateful for what I have. My day usually includes spending time with loved ones and enjoying every sight, smell, taste and sound that surrounds me. This year I'll be…

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The Truth Shop


I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the name of the shop: THE TRUTH SHOP.  

The saleswoman was very polite: What type of truth did I wish to purchase, partial or whole? The…

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Why I Write Sad Songs

Many people have asked me why I write so many sad songs. Here is the best explanation I can give right now: 

We all deal with a constant stream of emotions and often are too busy to give them…

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