Why I Write Sad Songs

Many people have asked me why I write so many sad songs. Here is the best explanation I can give right now: 

We all deal with a constant stream of emotions and often are too busy to give them each a thorough evaluation. Society encourages us to push away our sadness, anger and fear because they are labeled “negative emotions”, but I believe that taking the time to acknowledge and value the full spectrum of our emotions is crucial to our mental health. That’s why I write songs which encourage contemplation rather than the escapism of the songs heard on the radio. When someone listens to one of my songs, I want them to feel connected and aware of their own feelings because I believe that if they allow their subconscious to breathe fresh air, there is a great opportunity for healing and growth. 

Come hear some of my sad songs, as well as a few that might make you feel pretty darn good, November 23rd at Harney Street Tavern. 

​Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Clarence Tilton w/ Brad Hoshaw 
Harney Street Tavern  | 1215 Harney St, Omaha, NE
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