A Casual Chat with Cary Barlowe

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to partake in an LP Creative Therapy workshop, where I engaged in a heart-to-heart with the exceptionally skilled and Grammy-nominated songwriter, Cary Barlowe.

Our conversation kicked off with my question to Cary about his experiences when he was "faking it till he made it" in those early writing rooms. Cary's response was both unreserved and enlightening. He emphasized the importance of adapting to the room, embodying a collaborative co-writing spirit, and discerning when to contribute or simply absorb.

We then delved into the evolution of Cary's approach as he ascended the ladder of success. He shared how, with growing achievements, he found it easier to shed the ego and be forthright about the days when inspiration seemed elusive. The authenticity he brings to the room now, he explained, stems from confidence and a genuine aspiration to craft something extraordinary.

One pivotal takeaway from our chat was Cary's stress on authenticity. Whether you're a seasoned hitmaker or a newcomer to the industry, the importance of staying true to your genuine self echoed throughout our conversation. As Cary put it, "Be yourself and go with the flow."

As we concluded our laid-back conversation, I couldn't help but appreciate the insights Cary shared about the songwriting process and the odyssey to success. It was akin to having a heart-to-heart with a confidant who just happens to be a Grammy-nominated songwriter.