A Mentorship Moment with Benita Hill

Zoom calls may have become the norm, but when it's with someone like Benita Hill, nerves are inevitable. As a background singer for the Allman Brothers, an artist in her own right, and the genius behind Garth Brooks' hit "Two Pina Coladas," her industry experience is unparalleled.

The call began with a resume review, and I couldn't have been more thrilled when Benita commented on its organization and impressed structure. It set the tone for a conversation that would be both educational and uplifting.

Diving into one of my latest songs, Benita provided constructive feedback that proved invaluable. Her insights on strengthening the chorus were like a masterclass in songwriting. What's more, she praised the uniqueness of my voice, assuring me that it's a distinct advantage in the industry.

Our chat covered everything from Nashville writers rounds to a crucial warning about upfront payments. Benita emphasized that shelling out money upfront for mentorship, coaching, or management should only happen if hiring a specific person like a musician or producer.

Eager to hear more, she encouraged me to share additional songs. Her genuine interest was both surprising and heartening. As the call came to an end, she requested updates on my journey and later followed up with a thoughtful email, recommending a vocal coach.

Benita Hill's generosity, wisdom, and support left me feeling encouraged and ready for the next steps in my musical journey. The Nashville music scene can be daunting, but with mentors like her, the path becomes clearer, and the possibilities seem endless. Grateful for every note of advice and every moment of encouragement along this musical road.