A Valuable Catch-Up: Insights from My Mentor Session with Rebekah Powell

Recently, I had the enriching opportunity to reconnect with my mentor, Rebekah Powell, through a session organized by NSAI. Reflecting on this discussion, I am excited to share how it has impacted my journey and growth as an artist.

Progress and Pursuits

Since moving to Nashville, I have been immersed in a sea of creativity and learning. I've crafted 19 new songs this year and engaged deeply with several workshops and seminars, including the Blair Hit Songwriter Series at Vanderbilt and Shane McAnally's songwriting course on Studio.com. The upcoming Cheryl B. Engelhardt's Signature Success Retreat in New York promises further growth, though it also brings its set of challenges, given my current financial stretch and personal changes, including the end of a long-term relationship.

Goals and Challenges

In our session, I shared my focus on writing songs, building community, and receiving feedback to refine my craft. I also discussed the personal growth I'm working on, particularly addressing mental blocks and fears that sometimes hinder my progress. After decades in music, I feel both the comfort and limitation of familiar successes and am now aiming to break beyond these boundaries.

Mentorship Insights

Rebekah’s insights were incredibly helpful. We explored my current feelings of security and the fears of retreating to safety. Discussing my recent works, she suggested strategic changes in song structures to enhance listener engagement right from the start, drawing from her own experiences in competitive songwriting environments in LA. This advice is not just about tweaking lyrics but about transforming how a song communicates and connects.

Deep Dive into Song Feedback

Rebekah provided specific feedback on several songs, praising the craftsmanship but also pushing for clarity and impact. For example, she proposed making the chorus of one song simpler and more direct to ensure it resonates even with casual listeners. This balance of artistic integrity and accessibility is something I aim to perfect.

Co-Writing and Community

Our conversation also touched on my co-writing experiences. Finding reliable collaborators has been rewarding, and navigating the occasional mismatch has been a learning curve. Rebekah reassured me that such experiences are essential steps in finding one’s place in the Nashville songwriting community.

Looking Ahead

Ending the session, Rebekah commended my awareness and presence in my experiences. She encouraged me to keep pushing the boundaries of my creativity and to remain open to where this journey takes me.

This mentor session was not just a check-in but a pivotal point in my musical and personal development. I am grateful for Rebekah’s mentorship and excited about applying these insights to my upcoming projects.

Thank you for following along on this journey. Your support and interest in my music inspire me every day, and I look forward to sharing the next chapters with you.

With all my heart,