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"Lonesome Fool" Enters the Bluebird Golden Pick Contest!

I'm thrilled to announce that my original song, "Lonesome Fool," is taking center stage in the Bluebird Golden Pick Contest. This amazing opportunity is a collaboration between the iconic Bluebird Cafe and Taylor Guitars, and I couldn't be more pumpedā€¦

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Watch the replay of last night's livestream

Last night I did another livestream performance. This time I performed "Lonesome Fool" from my new album. You can watch the replay above.

If you want to know when I'll do this again, sign up for my mailingā€¦

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CAM award for "Outstanding Musical Achievement"

Here's a video of when Nolan Apostle surprised me after my show at Renegade Winery, with the 2021 CAM Award for "Outstanding Musical Achievement". I'm so very grateful to all who nominated me and for everyone that's supported me overā€¦

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