I'm not live-streaming, but here are 5 ways we can stay connected.

Connection is the reason I make music. During this time of mandatory isolation, many of my musician friends have turned to live streaming as a way to stay connect with others. Unfortunately that's not an option for me since there's no cell phone reception at my house and the internet connection is too slow for streaming. Here are five ways we can stay connected throughout this whole shitty thing.


  1. Become a Postcard Pal - I love sending and receiving postcards. If you send me a postcard, I will reply with one as well. Just make sure you get me your return address somehow, either by including it on your postcard or in a separate online message. My mailing address is: Brad Hoshaw, PO BOX 85, Wilseyville, CA 95257
  2. YouTube Videos - I'll be uploading more frequent videos to my YouTube channel. These videos will be performances from my living room; featuring some new songs, some old and a few covers as well. Please leave a comment on these videos, and I'll do my best to reply to every comment.
  3. Website Blog - In addition to my normal music news, my blog will be including more of my thoughts and feelings during this time. You can comment on my blog and I will reply.
  4. Email Newsletter - I'll continue sending my email newsletters once every month or two. These emails include a combination of my thoughts, news, exclusive goodies and just things I find interesting. You can reply to these email newsletters and let me know what you liked or found interesting. Sign up for email newsletters here.
  5. Social Media - An obvious option for  staying connected is via social media. I am active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. -- Just a quick warning: My Twiitter is a more unfiltered side of me, and includes more of  my personal political opinions.

I look forward to staying connected with you. Thankfully we don't have to be lonely while in isolation.