Meet Leo

Meet Leo Benson Schembri-Hoshaw! He is 4.5 month old Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Two weeks ago we brought him to his forever home from the Tuolumne County Humane Society.

He loves to cuddle and his personality is very sweet and loving. We're currently working on crate training and housebreaking, but as soon as he is old enough we will begin taking him for walks and socializing him.

It's not all cuteness and cuddles though. I was not prepared for how much stress a puppy can bring into the home. The constant attention needed to make sure he is safe and not ruining everything within sight is exhausting. One of our armchairs has already been destroyed and I've had to safeguard my record collection after I caught him pulling one off the shelf. That being said, I'm sure he is going to be a great companion on the next leg of this California adventure!