Retreat Update: Day Four

Dear Wonderful Supporters,

I wanted to share some profound experiences from the retreat with all of you. Yesterday was a day of significant growth and multiple breakthroughs for me, and I'm filled with gratitude for the support that has brought me here.

With the guidance of several incredible coaches, I was able to address my emotional triggers in real-time. I discovered a pattern of self-sabotage around finances, driven by a "Monster protester" within me that prioritizes the principle of the moment over my survival needs. This insight showed me that a simple conversation can often eliminate the perception of injustice, allowing me to accept money and help more freely.

I also confronted a deep-seated trigger where any conflict around me causes me to flee, as if I were a child escaping from my parents' epic fights. I learned that one conflict doesn't have to ruin an entire day, nor does it mean things will inevitably get worse. Additionally, I realized that someone's actions in a moment may not be directly related to what's happening then, and I can misinterpret their behavior without knowing the full backstory.

This day was filled with so much growth and many tears. For the first time ever, I felt the sensation of my full potential within my body, and it was an incredible feeling. Being able to feel my own power enables me to make better choices for the life I want, rather than merely trying to survive.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in this journey. Your generosity has made these transformative experiences possible, and I know I will carry these lessons with me forever.

I still have more payments to make on this retreat, so your continued support is greatly appreciated.

With heartfelt gratitude,