The story behind: Spun Out & On The Run

"Spun Out and On the Run" is the first single from my upcoming album 'Living On a Sliver'. It’s about the playful self-destruction of young love and the avoidance of a more settled lifestyle. 

It’s also about my friend Jeremiah’s apartment in Madison, WI. When walking to his house after a night at the bar, I kept repeating his address in my head so I wouldn’t forget. It began to develop a rhythm with my walking. I remembered it the next morning…we started writing it. 

I sat on the front stoop while he went to work and kept working on it until he got back. The address in the song is 2321 Summer Street, which is actually not the real address—we changed the name slightly to make it sound better. 

Listen to Spun Out & On the Run here:

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